RDT Voltage Checker for lipo. onroad offroad 12th 10th 8th rc car / USB adapter


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Ever been in that situation where you are rushing to get out on track for your race and can’t remember if you changed your battery or if it is even charged?  A quick tool to test the battery will give you that answer in seconds…  The RDT Voltage Checker, will give you a voltage read out informing you if it is charged or has been used.

Simply connect the plugs and bam!  You know in seconds that you have the correct pack in the car you are just about to go out for your ‘do or die’ and possibly that TQ run! 

We have all done it!  And there is nothing worse than realising you are starting the run with a weak battery and having to limp round for the entire run!

These items are becoming more popular and a regular to all racers tool box.  With the voltage being able to measure between 2.5volts and 30 volts, these are perfect for 1 cell batteries all the way up to 6 cell batteries.

With the new generation of Lipos with 5mm plugs, there is now the option to upgrade the RDT Voltage Checker to having 5mm plugs from the usual 4mm plug!  If you use both the standard 4mm and the new 5mm plug batteries and want the option to use this item with both sizes then the additional ‘4mm to 5mm step up’ plug item may be what you want.

(These come in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  We will try and get your wanted colour out to you, but is subject to stock.)

The voltage is not a true calibrated reading and is only to give the user a rough reading for them to make a judgement.



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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 10 mm
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Red, Yellow, Blue, Green