Shock and Diff reminder sheets


A perfect way to remember what piston/oil you had in the shock and diffs.  Handy little sticker reminders!


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Ever had that moment of not remembering what you had in your shock or diff setup!?  …with these sticker reminders sheets, that wont be a problem again.

A handy sheet of small prints that can be stuck to the shock tower/chassis to remind you what you have in either your shocks or diff.

We have a general sheet for the purpose of shock oil, piston size and diff oils that should suit everyone, or a separate sheet for pistons and oils.

Want to be inconspicuous with not advising your competitors to what you are running, choose the clear vinyl sheet, so your tuning details are not so revealing.

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Shock and Oil Sheet, Oil Sheet, Piston Sheet, Shock, Oil and Piston Sheet(All three)