Mask sheet set *

1 sheet of large &
1 sheet of small
(unless stated)


Contour cut vinyl mask perfect for body shell sprayers.  This solution is ideal for any painter/sprayer to get a pattern in those fantastic art pieces that race around tracks.  If you make it subtle or striking is up to you!

These masks have a low tack adhesive that will stick to the surface for you to spray and then easily removeable for the next colour.  The vinyl’s can be used multiple times, (but their stickiness will lessen each time), enabling it to be used many times!

Each design is contour cut, so you can peel straight off the sheet and use.  (Generally we have found that the unwanted parts will stay put and not peel with the rest of the sheet, otherwise some weeding may be required.)

Each pack includes:
1 x Big pattern A4 sheet &
1 x Small pattern A4 sheet
(Unless stated)